We are situated in Southampton City Centre and bring you all the delicacies of the Philippines. 

Our chef has the added experience from Family recipes from both Manila and the Ilocus Sur region to give a unique blend like no other. We are proud to be able to share with Others. 

We are situated on the Top floor of the Asian Supermarket, 

Rear of Burger King, Bargate, Southampton. 


Proprietors: Neill Jenkins : Director, Marketing & Advertising, Accounts & Maintenance. 

Connie Angeline Jenkins : Chef, Manager, etc.... 

Angel, Alicia, Ariana Jenkins (Triple A's) : General help when can be bothered.......... (Typical kids) 


We are a family run business, After building up 1 successful business we have now turned to Connie's passion for food and look forward to building this into a successful venture and sharing our delicacies with everyone in the Southampton area and visitors alike. 


Connie has grown up learning from her Dads marvelous talent to mix different tastes together and make some superb dishes unlike any other throughout the Philippines, She has gained herself a wonderful reputation around the Southampton community through visitors to our home parties and also the odd catering event she has supplied to others and we have dreamed of expanding to our own premises for a few years now but life has been hard over the last few years for everyone, So now the opportunity has arisen and this hopefully is the start of a great future for us all. 


We look forward to welcoming you into our new venture........